About Us

Welcome to the about us page for CJCGames website. Creating Games has been a passion of mine for a few years now. But not to long ago I realized that the games I created worked so well, I needed to share them with other people.
So we decided to start CJCGames to share the games I have created and published on Microsoft Store for Windows Apps .

Little Story about CJCGames

A few years ago I want to create a game for kids to learn counting and spelling numbers, so I started playing with visual studio to program a game for kids. That did not work so well but I did not give up, I continued to look for ways to build games for kid to learn spelling and counting number. Then I came across Unity for building games for PCs and Mobile and that was it everything changed. I built are first game the Space Math game, that is designed especially for young children to develop skills for early learning the basic skills of counting and spelling numbers.

Our next project we wanted to build a game for hours of fun and excitement for all ages, and that when we came up with Super Farm Adventure. This one is an awesome running game where your goal is to jump over the obstacles and avoid the bombs and collect the diamonds and coins to gain points.

Super Farm Adventure game went so well after we published on Microsoft Store for Windows Apps, we wanted to share the games with as many people we could find that’s when CJCGames was created. CJCGames website is designed to show every one Space Math game and Super Farm Adventure game for the universal windows platform (UWP) games, which is just another name for universal windows apps, but basically it just means you can play the games on any windows device from PC, phone or tablet.

Our Goal at CJCGames

Our goal here at CJCGames is to take away the work of searching the Internet for what you want and need.
We have the Best Games for young children for learning the Space Math game and Super Farm Adventure game which is a awesome running game for hours of fun and excitement.
If you like our games from Space Math game or Super Farm Adventure game then feel free to leave us comment at our comment page or send the word out on social Media we would appreciate it Thank you.

All the best,
Christopher J Bianchi